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Best Frameworks for Python Web Development

Python is popular for its wide range of utility tools and frameworks that makes the web development process smooth, fast and efficient. These tools and frameworks save a lot of valuable time and efforts of developers and provide them with more customization options.

According to the Popularity of Programming Language Index, python programming language has achieved a growth of 19.0% over the last five years. The TIOBE index puts python web development at the 3rd place among the most used languages in the world.

Types of Python Frameworks:

Types of Python Frameworks:

There are two main types of Python frameworks available for developers:

1. Full Stack Framework

2. Non-Full Stack Framework

The full-stack Python frameworks provide developers with full support including basic components like form generators, form validation, and template layouts. Since Python does not accompany the built-in features required to accelerate custom web application development, many developers choose robust python web development framework collections for smooth execution.

Instead of wasting time and effort writing the similar code repetitively for every project, Python developers can use ready-made components in the framework. This not only saves time and money but even reduces time-to-market. Hence, this is the reason why most developers and companies choose python ide for web development.

Every python developer agrees on the reliability and efficient speed of python. Developers can work with and deploy Python frameworks for web development using python.

Best Frameworks for python web development are:

Best Frameworks for python web development are:

1. Django Framework:

Django is a free and open-source Python framework that enables developers to build complex code and applications in very less time. Django framework helps developers to build quality web applications. It is among the best python frameworks and is used for the fast development of APIs and web applications. Hence, a freelance web developer using this framework can deliver high quality deliverables within a short period of time.

Django Facts:

  1. More than 12,000 known projects are developed in the Django framework.
  2. This high-level framework streamlines web application development by giving different vigorous features. 
  3. It has a colossal assortment of libraries and underscores effectiveness, less need for coding, and reusability of components.

Key Features of Django Framework:

  1. Helps developers to define patterns for the URLs in the app.
  2. Built-in authentication system.
  3. Simple yet powerful URL system.
  4. Object-oriented programming language database that offers the best data storage and recovery.
  5. The automatic admin interface feature enables the functionality of editing, adding, and deleting things with customization.
  6. Cache framework accompanies multiple cache mechanisms.

2. CherryPy Framework:

CherryPy is almost ten years old now, and has proven to be exceptionally quick and stable. This open-source Python web development framework embeds its own multi-hung server. It can run on almost any working framework that supports Python.

CherryPy Facts:

  1. This moderate web framework empowers developers to use any kind of technology for data access, templating, and so on.
  2. Yes, it can do everything that a web framework is capable of, for example, taking care of sessions, file uploads, static, cookies, etc.
  3. CherryPy enables developers to develop web apps similarly they would develop any other object-oriented Python program. This results in the development of smaller source code in less time.

Key Features of CherryPy Framework:

  1. Has a consistent, HTTP/1.1-compliant, WSGI thread-pooled webserver
  2. Easy to run various HTTP servers (for example on multiple ports) at once
  3. Runs on Python 2.7+, 3.5+, PyPy, Jython and Android
  4. Built-in tools for encoding, sessions, caching, authentication, static content, and many more
  5. A powerful configuration system for developers and deployers alike
  6. Built-in profiling, coverage, and testing support

3. Pyramid

The popularity of Pyramid is progressively growing. Most of the experienced developers are embracing this robust Python framework. Pyramid frameworks run on Python 3. In one word, this framework is flexible and it also allows developers to develop basic web applications through a minimalistic approach.

Pyramid Facts:

  1. Pyramid frameworks are versatile and can be used for both easy and difficult projects.
  2. It is the most valued web framework among experienced Python developers by virtue of its transparency and measured quality.
  3. It has been used by tech giants like Mozilla, Yelp, Dropbox, and SurveyMonkey.

Key Features of Pyramid Framework:

  1. The ability to run well with both small and large apps
  2. URL mapping based on Routes configuration through URL dispatch and WebHelpers
  3. HTML structure validation and generation
  4. All-round templates and asset details
  5. Testing, support, and comprehensive data documentation
  6. Flexible authentication and approval

A Pro Tip:

There will be plenty of python web development frameworks that are popular and are in high demand in the coming years but they all differ in their own pros and cons. Every Python development project demands different coding styles and preferences. Hence, a freelance developer should assess every framework as per the requirements of their project.

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