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Freelance Technical skills that are ruling the marketplace

Freelancing has changed the aura of work culture; people who are indulged in full-time employment are shifting towards more satisfaction and personal growth. A freelancer is earning an average income of 2 million per annum; the study of Paypal 2017 survey stated this. Corporate are expanding their hiring process by adapting the way of working with freelancers this is creating new opportunities for people.

Students are paused in a perplexity about where to build their career and what to pursue. Since technology is the fastest growing sector the demand is real. Not all students approach the creative outlet, a freelance app developer can make hundreds of thousands in a year. The projects from the UK, the US, and Australia have enabled freelancers to earn an attractive income and live more stable life.

Let’s Shed Some Light On The Freelance Technical Skills That Are In Demand-


Freelance Artificial Intelligence

01. Freelance Artificial Intelligence

The rise of machine learning has taken AI to the more progressive level. For example, the E-commerce industry is now focusing on building smarter apps with the customer centric approach. Leveraging machine learning, the AI software automatically tags, organizes and visually searches the content. The experienced and professional freelancer charge from $200 to $1000 per hour.

Since AI technologies are growing and progressing, the study suggests that the global AI software market will be worth $126 billion by 2025. A study by Pysa mentioned that the US spends more than US$650 million on an AI freelancer, making it a great career to pursue.


Freelance Python Developers

02. Freelance Python Developers

As the era is developing, programming languages are holding a bar to raise, especially the industry like finance, healthcare and insurance are providing more popularity to python developers. Python is the most popular programming language; Java on the other hand is the typed programming language. The rise of python is at continuity, as a new start career one can easily earn 3-5 lac INR p.a and for experience it goes from 12lac to more. Python developers are great test writers. So majorly the projects they received are decent test suites.

Web development, Web scraping, automation/bots are in-demand. Switzerland has the most demand for Python developers with an average salary of $90,524 (£70,958), followed by Norway and Denmark. As per the source of Ziprecruiter, an average freelance python developer earns $52 per hour equivalent to $8,980 per month or $107,000 per year.


Freelance Devops Engineer

03. Freelance Devops Engineer

Well another promising technical field that is continuously growing is this. We are living in a phase where software is in more demand, and devops engineers provide wide access to technical solutions by leveraging the capabilities of diversified tools. According to the Puppet salary report, the United States is leading the demand for freelance Devops Engineer with an average pay of $100,000-$125,000. Though practice makes perfect, Devops is considered as the seventh hardest position to staff in the tech industry. The demand is rising by every year which is building a skill gap in the industry. According to Glassdoor, the average base monthly pay of freelance devops engineers is ₹40,238 - ₹43,046, making it a great career choice.

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