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Java Web Development: A Comprehensive Solution for Business Applications

Java, the #1 programming language & development platform celebrated its 25th anniversary in 2020. As of today, java web development has become the favorite choice of businesses seeking next-generation web apps, Android apps, and software program development. The increasing demand for Java developers reflects its technical excellence and capability to design future-ready business solutions.

Why Enterprises Prefer To Hire Java Developer: Java Advantages

The general-purpose scripting language, Java supports the development of task-oriented applications and programs on all the top platforms. Hiring Java developers or to outsource freelance Java software development services is trusted to have operational and competitive advantages because of its excellent features:

  • triangle arrow Java is simple than C++
  • triangle arrow Because of being an object-oriented language, Java offers greater flexibility and code reusability
  • triangle arrow Java is capable to minimize security threats
  • triangle arrow Java program development is comparatively cheaper as well as easy to maintain
  • triangle arrow The Write Once Run Anywhere(WORA) feature allows running Java code on any machine irrespective of the operating system.
  • triangle arrow Java is empowered with ‘Automatic Garbage Removal’ feature that eliminates the need to remove unused objects by separate programming
  • triangle arrow Multithreading feature supports maximum use of CPU
  • triangle arrow Java development tools faster task completion

Latest Java-17 Features add More Value to Java Web Development Choice

Java 17 LTS is the latest release for the Java SE platform with long-term support. The JDK 17 binaries are available free of cost under Oracle’s No-Fee Terms and Conditions. Java SE Development Kit 17.0.2 downloads are available at https://www.oracle.com/java/technologies/downloads/ . What is new in Java-17? The new features in Java-17 that simplify web and app development faster as well as time and cost saving are- 

Widening Scope of Java Applications for Businesses

Java is hailed as one of the most stable programming languages that can be used to serve multiple needs of future-ready businesses. The application-oriented Java programs empower the businesses to improve service quality, efficiencies, productivity, communication, collaboration, process scaling, operation management etc. Businesses worldwide are hiring java full stack developers either from a java development company or from an online freelancer platform providing Java development freelancers to cater diverse needs like-

  • triangle arrow Mobile Applications development 
  • triangle arrow Internet of Things (IoT) Devices management 
  • triangle arrow AI and ML integration 
  • triangle arrow Cloud apps development 
  • triangle arrow Web application development
  • triangle arrow AI empowered Chatbots development 
  • triangle arrow Java game development
  • triangle arrow APIs integration to enterprise applications

Role of Java Full Stack Developers to Support Your Business Operations

Whether you follow a conventional approach of employing an in-house full-stack Java developer or follow the cost-effective modern approach to hire a freelance Java developer, the scope of working with is ever expanding. Full stack developer is expected to have certified skills to use a stack of technologies for developing and running multi-layered applications smoothly and securely. Experienced and certified freelance Java developer is expected to have dependable proficiencies for a range of tasks-

circle dot

Designing, implementing, configuring, and maintaining objective-oriented Java applications

circle dot

Writing efficient testable code

circle dot

Monitoring and resolving production & non-production issues

circle dot

Monitoring performance and implementing innovative solutions

circle dot

Supporting peers and team members to innovate and build quality products

circle dot

Conducting software programming, testing, analysis, debugging, etc

circle dot

Ensuring compliances 

circle dot

Supporting continuous improvement

circle dot

Optimized use of Java development tools

Hire A Full Time Java Developer or Freelancer Java Developer

Increasing numbers of Java developer jobs appearing on different portals prove that Java embracement has become imperative for enterprises. The high numbers of jobs offerings from the same organizations continue to exist for a long period or appear frequently; it shows that most of the businesses don’t get ideal candidates having requisite qualifications, expertise and experience. Here, you need to turn towards freelance websites having a vast pool of freelance Java developers with certified credentials in different areas. What turns the increasing number of businesses to hire a freelancer for Java development can be understood by the following table –

Full Time Java Development Employee 

Freelancer Java Development Expert 

High salary of Java developer become a financial liability

You pay only for the assignment on the project basis 

The expertise is limited for different java development tasks

You have unlimited choice to hire a new freelancer for a specific Java development task

You have to depend upon limited skill for utilizing Java excellence up to its full potential

You have more freedom to use Java up to its full potential

Employing Java specialists for maintaining applications and programs proves a costly affair in the long run

Freelance Java specialists render their services at very nominal prices 

HR expenses increase the cost of Java embracement 

Hiring process is 100% online, smooth, zero-costing, and risk-free


Hiring a Java developer with specific expertise for a particular task is a good practice rather than hiring one Java specialist for a range of Java-oriented developments. Hiring freelance Java developers with experience in particular java development tools and practices drives agility, flexibility, quality control, speedy completion, continuity, etc.

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