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Plenty Of PL/SQL Developer Jobs: Do You Have Right Skills?

Over the years, PL/SQL programming has become an integral part of software development processes. Ease of use, productivity, code quality, and support during Oracle application development are at the core of PL/SQL. PL/SQL Developer , a procedural language, is designed to embrace SQL statements integrated in its syntax. It is a bunch of SQL containing procedural programming features. PL/SQL programming units, compiled by the Oracle database server, are stored in the database. Oracle Corporation extends functionality of PL/SQL Developer with each update of the Oracle Database.

Features and Capabilities of PL/SQL

The integrated development environment, PL/SQL Developer is widely used for the development of stored programs for the Oracle Databases. PL/SQL programming is increasing becoming a must-embrace technology for the total development process as businesses need to store more applications and logics in Oracle server. Increasing number of Oracle PL/SQL developer jobs reflect the growing adaption of PL/SQL for a range of programming. The salient features and capabilities of PL/SQL procedural language that make it worldwide popular are-

  1. Integrated Debugger with tools like Step In, Run Until Exception, Step Over, Breakpoints, Step Out, View Call Stack View & Set Variables, etc to debug any program without modifications
  2. Powerful PL/SQL Editor with tools like Syntax Highlighting, Object Descriptions, SQL and PL/SQL help, Compiler Hints, Code Assistant, Refactoring, Code Contents, PL/SQL Beautifier, Code Hierarchy, and Code Folding etc
  3. PL/SQL Beautifier with tools to formatting PL/SQL and SQL codes as per the user-defined rule set and beautifying codes automatically while compiling, saving, or opening a file to increase productivity; supports for faster delivery of large size projects reducing the needs for code modifications
  4. Multi-Threaded IDE is a multi-threaded IDE for executing SQL queries, PL/SQL programs and debug sessions etc; IDE allows breaking execution and save the work done; it doesn’t “hang” if the programmer commits an code error
  5. SQL Window, empowered with Query By Example mode to find a specific record, allows to feed and view multiple SQL statements in a single window in grid pattern to facilitate for easy editing ; it allows executing previously stored SQL statements
  6. Command Window with script editor and corresponding syntax allows to develop, execute, and edit SQL scripts without going back to edit script / switch to SQL*Plus / save it / run script” etc; PL/SQL Developer Command Window has a look and feel similar to SQL*Plus for additional ease of developers
  7. Built-in Report functionality to run reports for application data or the Oracle dictionary in the built-in standard format or custom format; custom reports are saved in a report file for anytime access
  8. Diagram Window facilitates to develop a graphical representation of objects selection to visualize a particular part of the database objects of an application; the feature can be used for documentation as well as like a workspace

Roles and Responsibilities of PL/SQL Developer

  1. Before exploring PL/SQL Developer jobs to get the well paying offer, it is good to scale your capabilities for roles and responsibilities commonly defined in PL/SQL developer objective profile. Are you ready and confident for-
  2. Coordinate seamlessly with project managers, analysts, and developers to preparing designs for the new applications; and to document the processes for effective evaluation of progress and quality.
  3. Developing and providing support to system interfaces and to coordinate with project managers for providing specifications for all the core modules.
  4. Monitoring and recommending changes, providing the stored procedures, and developing relational database.
  5. Analyzing and ensuring efficient transitions of technical design documents and developing SQL packages to support application developers.
  6. Evaluating architecture of Oracle applications; preparing layouts of logical models; maintaining database objects for application components.
  7. Designing and implementing various structures for physical objects; and recommending changes through efficient statistical reports.
  8. Identifying the best suitable programming language and recommending enhancements to programs and evaluating software resolution.

Future Scope of PL/SQL Developer Jobs

Because of ever-expanding needs for data based decisions, it becomes a must for the businesses to use a right set of query languages for objective-oriented data processing. PL/SQL, a most used Structured Query Language consisting procedural features of SQL offers a range of applications like conditional statements, iterative statements, collections, triggers, arrays, strings, procedures, functions, etc. A PL/SQL Developer expert is expected to have an array of skills-

circle dot

Designing databases

circle dot

Ensuring stability, performance, and reliability of database

circle dot

Improving application's performance

circle dot

Designing and managing database as per end user's requirements

circle dot

Preparing documents for database applications

circle dot

Developing architecture and preparing layouts for logical models to imply Oracle applications

circle dot

Analyzing computer hardware, firmware, and embedded systems for performance boost

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Performing bug fixing and database memory management

The person with Oracle PL/SQL qualification and experience can expect to get a role for any Oracle domain. Oracle PL/SQL Developer jobs offer a range of roles as- DBA, Analyst, SQL developer, PL/SQL administrator, ETL developer etc. The top business sectors hiring PL/SQL Developer professionals are Banking institutions, healthcare, Information Technology, insurance, govt. institutions, retail etc. Out of total PL/SQL Developer users, 32% are small sized businesses and 43% are medium-sized businesses; it means the career development with PL/SQL Developer qualification is highly prospective to get an early PL/SQL Developer job with a decent salary.

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