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How to Compete For the Best Software Developer Jobs in 2022

In 2022, we are going to witness an evolutionary arm race between vaccine researches and Coronavirus mutations. The increasing trend to embrace digital technologies for automation, scalability, accurate predictions, cost-saving operations, increased efficiencies, etc will continue but with several changes, innovations, evolving technologies, and never-before challenges. More and more businesses are relying on the importance of embracing the latest technology for scalable, secure, cost-effective, consistent, and automated ITSM solutions. When we look ahead to 2022, we realize a good increase in the number of software developer jobs.

Why Full Stack Software Developer Jobs are High in Numbers

Why Full Stack Software Developer Jobs are High in Numbers

The ever-growing reliance on new apps, digitization of data, and automation, etc drives the increasing demand for software developers.

The global outbreak of the Covid-19 epidemic changed the ways of business doing to address the new normal in the users’ behavior, regulations, predictions, and others. The advent of tech advancements like Artificial Intelligence (AI) & Machine Learning (ML), Hyper-automation, 5G, Internet of Behaviors (IoB), internet of things (IoT) etc are finding new applications in different business process areas, may it be production, development, service support, progress monitoring, quality control, or hybrid working. The full-stack developer jobs are projected to grow @22% up to 2029. Why?

  • triangle arrow Reliance on technology has increased for scalability
  • triangle arrow Technology is evolving fast to outdate the previous solutions
  • triangle arrow Remote working has become an organizational culture
  • triangle arrow Increased demand for IT services
  • triangle arrow Software Engineers are required for multiple tasks
  • triangle arrow The learning curve is expanding exponentially
  • triangle arrow Optimized processes drive the growth rate of businesses
  • triangle arrow Businesses focus more high security, reliability, & continuous support

Eight Top Skills for Software Developer or software Engineer Jobs

Eight Top Skills for Software Developer or software Engineer Jobs

The demand for IT services is increasing across many Non-IT business sectors also like retail, entertainment, healthcare, education, and others. The numbers of jobs for software developers or software engineers are increasing fast but with a vast difference in requisite skills. Instead of training a software developer for the months, businesses prefer to hire a software developer or software engineer having specific skills and experience. Eight most sought after skills for software engineer jobs are-

  • triangle arrow Cloud Computing (GCP, Azure or AWS)
  • triangle arrow Data Structuring and Algorithm
  • triangle arrow Using Git and Github tools
  • triangle arrow Familiarity of Docker and Kubernetes like containers
  • triangle arrow Experience with Database and SQL
  • triangle arrow Object-Oriented Programming (C++, Java, Python, JavaScript)
  • triangle arrow Scripting with different languages
  • triangle arrow Using an Integrated Development Environment (IDE)

The top software development tools that succeeded to draw the attention of software developers and businesses in year 2021 are - Quixy, Node.js, Cloud 9, Azure, Zend Studio, GitHub, Linx, HTML5 Builder, Bootstrap, etc.

Six Traits of Successful Software Developers

Six Traits of Successful Software Developers

A software developer usually comes across diverse challenges in developing a task-oriented software for the particular industry. The challenges keep changing but these are the part of the job profile of a software engineer. The most critical task is to work closely with software development team, product managers, business analysts, graphic designers, etc. Finding out the exact expectations of clients is the next challenge; because, knowing ‘what to deliver’, ‘why to deliver’, and ‘how to deliver’ is the roadmap to take the first step towards software development. The following six traits are must to develop to brighten your career in software development-

  • triangle arrow Critical thinking to deliver as per the expectations of clients and organizations
  • triangle arrow Strong problem solving skill to resolve the issues at the earliest
  • triangle arrow Keen attention to minute details to identify risk issues at early stage
  • triangle arrowEffective communication as a mentor to smoothen the process
  • triangle arrow Keep learning to embrace the latest technologies
  • triangle arrow Agile development to keep the process flexible to accommodate last minute changes

Full-Stack Developer Salary In India for Different Job Roles

Full-Stack Developer Salary In India for Different Job Roles

The IT outsourcing market is growing at a rate of over 4%. (HackerNoon)

The average full-stack developer salary in India is around Rs. 517,208/P.A.. The entry-level software developer salary is around Rs 379,174/ P.A.. The full-stack software developer salary for 5-9 years’ experienced professionals is around Rs. 850,548 / P.A. (Source: Payscale).

Software engineers with perfection in Java, SQL, .NET, C# Programming, JavaScript etc succeeded to earn comparatively higher in India. The full-stack developer salary in India varies at large according to a job title also-

  • triangle arrow Intern software developer
  • triangle arrow Junior software developer
  • triangle arrow Front End and back-end software Developer
  • triangle arrow Software engineer
  • triangle arrow Software product manager
  • triangle arrow Java developer or .NET developer
  • triangle arrow Application developer (mobile app and solution)
  • triangle arrow Computer and Information systems manager
  • triangle arrow Data scientist
  • triangle arrow Computer network architect

Seven Tips To Get The First Software Developer Job

Seven Tips To Get The First Software Developer Job

Ok, you have certified qualifications to become a software developer. There are increasing numbers of jobs for software developers also. Still, it is not easy to get the first software developer job. The businesses need production-ready experienced candidates with certified specific domain expertise. The following seven tips will help you get a suitable first software developer job-

  • triangle arrow Figure out your end goal
  • triangle arrow Get industry-specific knowledge and expertise
  • triangle arrow Pursue an internship to get domain-specific expertise and experience
  • triangle arrow Start applying skills like on your project or working as a freelancer software developer
  • triangle arrow Keep developing certified technical skills
  • triangle arrow Build non-technical skills like communication, problems solving, detail- orientation, etc
  • triangle arrow Evaluate yourself for a particular job role and apply with confidence


Generally, the job titles of software developer and software engineer are intermixed buyers there is a thin separation line between the both. A software engineer works on a smaller scale compared to software engineers; therefore, as a fresher or being less experienced, you should focus on the jobs for software developers.

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