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Why C++ Should Be Your Choice for Game Development

C++ is the most preferred language for game development because of its capabilities to support a variety of coding styles. C++ gives game programmers better control to manage the entire architecture including usage and memory patterns. Initially created by Bjarne Stroustrup in 1979 as an extension of the C programming language, C++ runs on all the popular platforms like Windows, UNIX, and Mac OS etc. Loved by developers worldwide, it can be used for a range of applications and system programming including C++ game development.

The C# game development used to be a good choice but C++ is taking over this choice because of being lightweight comparatively. C++ code is faster than C# code; therefore, C++ has become a preferred choice of game developers.

C++ Or C# Game Development: Which Is a Better Choice?

Comparatively, C++ programming language has better control over hardware of PC and server. Although both the programming languages have decent features to support the gaming platforms; still, C++ is most used nowadays. C++, a lower-level programming language if compared to C#, is designed to make you a technical programmer with advanced development capabilities. To write a game code from start, C++ is a good choice against C# game development also because it fasters the game development. C# has superior drawing ability for creating 3D and 2D animations and graphics but it has limitations for data encapsulation. C# has a flaw in much important data security also. To summarize, look at this table-

Comparison Factor






Use of Pointers


Not allowed


For any platform

For windows OS


Any platform

Windows platform

Memory Management



Compiled Into

Machine code


Top C++ Game Engines for Mobile Game Development

Technology has improved vastly for what mobile can do to entertain the players with advanced features and functionalities. Over the years, mobile game development has become a lucrative industry. Out of many other options, C++ is widely used for developing Android and iOS games. The popular C++ game engines are-

CryEngine: The suite of tools is being seen as the most powerful earning for game development. The sandbox editor, CRYENGINE 5.6 is available with many new features to make the game development process faster. FBX Support, Substance Integration, Character Technology, Advanced AI System, Tessellation Image Based Lighting, real-time interaction etc like key features make CryEngine a favorite choice of C ++ game developers.

Unreal Engine: Unreal Engine 5 is also available now for the games developers looking for features and a studded platform for 3D games development. Pipeline integration, Scalable foliage, Unreal Editor, Character animation tools, Take Recorder, Advanced artificial intelligence etc like key features of Unreal Engine make it a preferred choice of C ++ 3D game developers.

Lumberyard: Free and cross-platform 3D game engine, powered by Amazon, allows developers to create high-quality games faster. The full source code allows the developers to customize their game development project up to any level. Lumberyard usage is governed by the AWS Customer Agreement available at https://aws.amazon.com/agreement/ . GridMate Robust Networking, Real-Time Gameplay Editing, Modular Gems like features of Lumberyard make it a preferred choice of C ++ game developers.

Source -2 Engine: The 3D game engine developed by Valve is free to use for developers. Because of its unique new 64-bit support with Vulkan, Source 2 video game engine renders highly complex and well detailed scenes faster with minimum frame-rate drops. The mod-ability with large degree, artist-driven, flexibility, shader-based renderer, lip-sync, and advanced facial expression technology like features make it a great choice of C ++ games developers.

Torque3D: The Torque 3D is the best open-source solution for stunning 3-D game development. It was recently re-architected for enhanced flexibility and improved performance across a range of hardware. It comes with a suite of tools that deliver a seamless experience for developing quality games and simulations. Torque3D is available under MIT License.

Why Game Developers Love C ++ For Games Development

C ++ is preferred to develop heavy games for mobile phones because of its better customizability and single codebase maintenance. C ++ directly compiles into machine code; so, mobile game developers have various options for optimization to write the code faster. For developing games with Bigdata, C++ the programming language is undoubtedly a dominating choice. The trendsetter games God of War, King Quest, Starcraft, Football Pro, Master of Orion and Dear Snake were developed with C++.

C++ Game Developer Jobs in 2022: The Career Prospects

The bases of C++ are very close to the C programming language; therefore, game developers need to learn both the programming languages. The gained skills deliver the capability to develop the games with AI. The mobile game market is expected to be worth $200 billion by 2023. There is a steep rise in C++ game developer jobs because mobile games have become breathing for ever-expanding mobile gamers community.

Getting access to a mobile game development company with certified C++ credentials is comparatively easier because the demand of game developers with new skills and ideas always exists there. Creating new games and maintaining existing ones is a consistent need of any game development company.

However, COVID-19 has triggered a new trend of hiring game developers. Most Android mobile game development companies in India are looking for freelance mobile game developers to lower the cost at users side. The average C++ game developer salary in India is about Rs 4.3 Lakhs; while the scope of earning for a freelancer game developer with C/C++ expertise and a couple of years experience may be Rs. 14,84,322 per year.

Future for Game Developers - Concluding Note

Mobile game development is a career that satisfies your urge for a unique mix of creativity and technology. The jobs for full time and freelancing game developers appear with different job roles and titles as game designer, visual artist, animator, game tester, visual effects editor, sound designer, game developer, audio engineer, programmer, etc. With over 1.35 billion people and two-third of them under 35 years of age, India is heading faster to become the world's leading mobile gaming market within a couple of years.

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