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Values at Eiliana

The success of Eiliana is dependent on the consideration and self-belief that we share with our employees, clients, freelancers and other stakeholders. Eiliana advantages credibility with the aid of adhering to its commitments, showing honesty, integrity and attaining people's desires by helping them connect with the right resource that matches the need of the project. Eiliana’s commitment ensures that the company is devoted to onboarding potential freelancers while practising the fair process, connecting them with practical tasks and timely payments.

Eiliana has its core pillars which help us to hold the success and enable to empower the freelancers and businesses across-



At Eiliana, we can only prevail as an enterprise with the agreement and self-assurance that we infuse in our people, clients, and stakeholders. We earn it by retaining our promises with businesses and serving the full-disclosure to freelancers by focusing on attaining people's dreams entirely through the correct behaviour, whether a freelancer or a company.

The simplest way to construct faith of freelancers and the businesses choosing Eiliana is to serve them all with affirmative solutions. The pragmatic approach is the pillar of faith that we stand by.



Eiliana process is combined with hope, from registering a freelancer to our portal to connecting him with the businesses across; hope is the element that binds us all; therefore, we consider we hope the golden rule for our organisation. We want every freelancer or company that lands on Eiliana portal to carry the hope that they will get the expected results.

Eiliana means this when we talk about winning hearts and minds, giving evidence of the natural order of decision-making. Hope is a feeling, not a rational experience.



At Eiliana we believe innovation is the key to creating creative solutions in all aspects of businesses requirements. Being unique is a door to us that enables us to deliver expected results for whosoever has decided to collaborate with Eiliana. We build an engagement model with our people to dig deep for a fair understanding of individual goals and multiply the growth associated with Eiliana.

At Eiliana we believe every individual hold a unique skill that crosses into knowing an innovation, therefore empowering that talent is a mechanism to stand out in the market. We work towards being competitive in the list of even.



“We have always done this way” is a very risky quote for any business. Therefore we believe in revolutionising every phase by putting creativity on a transformation. This is what we support at Eiliana. A rich mixture of high-induct strategies or just a mindful session with our people can pave the way to change.

We ultimately refer to the pursuit of optimism that builds confidence within Eiliana and helps deliver the transforming solution to customers and freelancers. At Eiliana we improve the inner areas that help us develop positive relationships with every individual who decided to work with Eiliana.